Monday, 26 September 2011

Container Planting for Cheapskates

Plastic pots are expensive. Even more so are terracotta pots. In my garden, to plant mostly everything that I wish to, I will need a total of about 15 pots. If the average price of the pots I want to purchase is $8, that makes about $120 I would be spending on (plastic) pots. Terracotta would be closer to $250.

At this moment in time, that is too much money. So, I have decided to go cheap and nasty. Plastic buckets. From Bunnings.


To minimise tackiness, I got only two colours of buckets - dark green and dark red. Six of each to start with, for a grand total of $4.32. I used a 6mm drill bit and a sharpie to mark where the holes would go, for a modicum of precision.
I placed the bucket on the ground, upside-down, and stood on the rim to hold it steady. I drilled about 8-10 holes into the bottom of each bucket, careful to avoid the very center - which is the weakest part of the plastic - so that no cracks would form.

                     IMG_1962 IMG_1964
So, there you are, cheap - if not a little bit ugly - pots. Tomato seedling + bucket + a bit of dirt = less than $5!


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