Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lord of the Fries - Breakfast

I wonder sometimes if I was a meat-eater, would I be one of those people who grab breakfast from McDonalds every time I'm running late to work? Because lately I have been running late to work due to my decision to stay in bed for another 15 minutes and forfeit a healthy breakfast. This is where Lord of the Fries comes in. ...Or has come in, ahem, three times in the last two weeks. Once at the Elizabeth Street store and twice at Flinders Street Station. The food has been consistent between locations.

LOTF tempts me with a cheap, yummy and quick brekkie and some days I am powerless to refuse. Breakfast,  as I have mentioned, is my favourite meal of the day and LOTF does a pretty good job. I always go with the big-size meal deal ($7), which consists of one "big" Tibet (the vegan one) sandwich and two hash browns. You also have the choice of adding bacon ($1) or tomato (.50). Not a bad deal at all!

...And these sandwiches are good. In some ways they feel a bit heavy on condiments and cheese but the vegan egg makes up for it. The "eggs" are light and eggy bits of tofu, crisp on the outside and super-fluffy on the inside. They are egg-coloured and flavoured (my guess is they use black salt...) and very yummy. I recommend getting the sandwich with tomato to cut through the condiments' heaviness.


The hash browns are okay. They could stand to be a bit more crispy and a bit less greasy, but they're getting there. The first time I got them they fell apart and the LOTF guy had to give me one of those wooden forks to eat them with. At the menu price of $1.25 each, however, they are the cheapest, most ethical hash browns in town. And sometimes they come with a bonus fry.


Lord of the Fries does a pretty damned good breakfast but with all the mayo and cheese and oil I am going to try to limit myself to one LOTF breakfast every 10-15 days. Really, I'm really going to try.

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  1. YUM I'm obsessed with LOTF only because of it being vegetarian AND the sauces so good