Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Phat Brats, Fitzroy

I was more or less dragged to Phat Brats with the promise of a vegan option. I am always up for trying out any new restaurant that caters to veg*ns. The menu has one dog clearly marked "vegan" and a total of two clearly marked "vegetarian". Even though it sounded more appealing, I couldn't be bothered inquiring about ingredients of the second (bean, lentil, and vegie) so I went with the Superfood Dog, the one clearly marked vegan.


The first thing we realised after sitting down is that we missed the "meal deals" described on the board, and could have saved about $5 if we had been offered to order a deal, instead of drink, chips and burger separately. Oh well. I drank my delicious Holgate ESB and tried to forget about it.

The dogs came out pretty quickly, and were honestly a bit smaller in portion than I'd expected. The Superfood Dog is a curious blend of sweet potato, quinoa and tamarind with the equally odd toppings of minted peas, sour cream and sprouts. I can say I didn't really have high hopes (not a fan of minted peas at all!), but it turned out to be quite good. Not amazing, but good. The ingredients, though pretty wacky, worked together harmoniously but there was no strong flavour punch. The sprouts were refreshing and the bun light and fluffy (yeah, full of sugar I'm sure but sometimes a heavy bun is just too much.)

The fries were awesome.

All in all, the dog was good but, at $9.50, pretty overpriced - even for Brunswick Street. I was hungry again not longer after I finished my meal. I won't be running back, but may give them another try if I'm in the 'hood, with meateaters, and not in the mood for LOTF.



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  1. When they first opened we enquired about vegan options and the bean one wasn't.

    The nice thing is that they'll let you choose other topping combinations and sub in the veg dog. I really like their green relish so I always try to get that included!