Friday, 11 November 2011

Easy Pita Pizza

Today was such a nice day I couldn't be bothered spending heaps of time making dinner. I was even going to be so lazy as not to post anything when I'd planned to, but I decided that I have time, in between cocktail-drinking and karaoke-practicing, to do a quick post. (For my next karaoke outing I'm trying to decide between four Heart songs. If you have a suggestion as to the best Heart song for a karaoke setting, I'd love to hear it...)


Anyway, this is the easiest pizza ever. The recipe goes: Pita bread + sauce from a bottle + toppings + oven. Nom! For my toppings, I went with roasted pumpkin (okay, so I'm not that lazy, I did roast the pumpkin myself...but I chose it from the supermarket based on it being the easiest piece to cut!), mushroom, semi-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, Sheese (blue and mozzarella) and some chopped rosemary from the garden. Oh, and some cracked pepper and sea salt on top.

Before and after shots:



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