Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Tomato Grows in Melbourne

I know Melbourne Cup Day is the traditional time to plant out the garden - especially tomatoes. But I don't celebrate Cup Day, and I am impatient, so I planted them weeks ago. They have been nice and insulated courtesy of Yarra Council but I was still worried that they were flowering way too early. I have only grown tomatoes in this climate a few times, and this is the first time in pots - so a bit of tomato-flower-panic set in.

I have since been assured by multiple (knowledgeable) people that just because they are flowering early does not mean they will die early! And yesterday I was excited to see the first little cherry tomato starting to grow!

How cute is it! I think I'm in love.



  1. how odd I never knew that.. and Melbourne Cup Day I planted my spring garden!! tomatoes, zucchini etc... awesome!

  2. You must have a really good gardener's instinct!

  3. Adorable little tomato! May you have a juicy and delicious crop!

  4. Yours are ahead of mine - I want one too!!! Can I throw a tantrum now please? My kids have all day and I think its my turn now. Perhaps I should sing to them (the tomatoes not the kids although it might work for both...)