Sunday, 29 January 2012

Green Chilli Tandoori, Clifton Hill

Green Chilli is my favourite place to order from on a lazy hungover Sunday when there are no fresh veggies in the house and no motivation to get out and buy some. These guys are very friendly and super-helpful when it comes to identifying what on the menu can be made vegan. My favourite thing on the menu is the Mushroom Karahi - it is super-flavourful, nice and rich and the mushrooms have a great texture to them - it's kind of like Indian comfort food.

My new second-favourite menu item is the Pumpkin Masala. I ordered this for the first time recently, and it is lovely. The pumpkin is cooked perfectly - sweet and tender and lightly spiced. The roti (no butter) is as good as roti with no butter can be, and even better if I add a bit of Nuttelex while it is still warm.


The pakora is very nice - not too much batter, so it's not too heavy...and goes great with the provided tamarind sauce. The rice is perfectly cooked - light and fluffy. Their prices are more than reasonable, the price of a veg curry being only $8.90. They deliver at the same time they say they will, delivery is free, they bring the food in an esky to keep it warm, they label the vegan items and they put the vegan food in a separate bag. Yeah, I love these guys.


Green Chilli's website does not seem to be operating as of yet, so the only way to have a look at the menu is to go past and grab one. They are located at 149 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill. Their number is 9481 2345, and they're open seven days a week from 17:30.

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