Thursday, 26 January 2012

Raspberry Balsamic Sparkle Pie

One of the lovely presents my mum sent me for Christmas was a copy of the amazing Vegan Pie in the Sky. Luckily I had a dinner party to attend last weekend, and so had an excuse to make pie! Firstly, I will tell you how difficult it is to find pie-making supplies in Melbourne. I couldn't find a 9" pie tin to save my life, and everyone seemed to be out of or non-stocking of pastry cutters. So I had to settle for a small disposable pie tin from Coles and a knife to make my lattice. It turned out fine in the end, but I will be scouting out for proper supplies this week.

The pie I chose was the Pucker Up Raspberry Pie - it consisted mainly of a whole lot of frozen raspberries and some balsamic vinegar. The vinegar seemed to heighten the raspberry flavour, making the pie "very raspberry-y" (according to a friend). It was very simple to make, with only 10 ingredients in the whole thing. The filling was so sparkly and yummy-looking! It tasted great, too.


I have no hope of finding a crust protector in the shops, so I had to make my own from foil.


I'm looking forward to making lots more yummy pastry items in the future!


  1. It does have a nice sparkle to it. I like that cute addition of a love heart, too.

    1. Gosh, I have this book, and even just the recipes and things seem tricky/different enough (OK, I AM TERRIFIED OF PIE CRUST MAKING), without even thinking about all of these additional hard to find supplies.. Thanks for not helping ;).

      It looks delicious, though!

    2. Matt, it's actually super, super easy when you get into it. I found that measuring the Nuttelex into the flour in 1/2 tablespoons really helped. Oh, and I have recently obtained a lovely pie pan and pastry cutter from You should give it a go! :)

  2. Yum - I love a good berry pie, and the balsamic vinegar is a cool twist.