Monday, 23 January 2012

Yong Green Food

Yong Green Food is just over a year old and still going strong. We stopped in a couple of Saturdays ago before a friend's birthday drinks to grab something to eat. The last time I was there I was so overwhelmed by the many interesting choices on the menu that I didn't know what to order. This time I was so hungry that I just picked the first thing that I saw - the Teriyaki "Chicken". My bf picked the Korean BBQ "Beef".

Our food came out very quickly and it looked GOOD. The chicken was cooked and then smothered in a really light but flavourful teriyaki sauce and served on top a large bed of brown rice. It was accompanied by some steamed cauliflower, carrot and broccoli. Despite the large portion of gluteny mock-meat, this dish tasted very fresh and healthy. The only thing I could improve would be if the veggies matched the temperature of the rest of the food - the cauliflower and carrot were almost cold. (I think it was intentional but kind of strange nonetheless.)


My bf's beef dish was equally as yummy. The cold kimchi was served on the side and was very tasty.


The beef had a great texture and flavour and was also accompanied by veggies, salad and a decent amount of brown rice.


We were very happy with the meal - it was quickly served, healthy, yummy and a fair price. (Combined, the total was less than $30.) I was up for dessert but wasn't really in the mood for raw cheesecake so we stopped by the Vegie Bar and inhaled some of their beautiful vegan chocolate cake. Despite what Tom Stanislavski seems to think, the suburb of Fitzroy is well capable of spoiling a vegan for choice.

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  1. I KNOW. Has Stanislavski eaten anywhere in Fitzroy besides St Jude's in the past 5 years?! There's more in the suburb for us veg*ns than just about anywhere in Australia.

    I'm so glad that Yong has survived! It's a charming place.

  2. You should try some of the daily specials. I have posted several pic's on the YGF facebook group.