Sunday, 8 January 2012

Snag Stand, Melbourne Central - UPDATED

Update: I received an e-mail from a Snag Stand rep regarding my review. I would probably return for another try if they did decide to add a vegan menu option:

Hi Louise,

I have read your blog about the service offered at our Melbourne store and would like to apologise on their behalf for not offering any further help with the menu.

In regard to our Vegetarian offer I would like to clarify further,
We import our Vegetarian Sausages from the USA because these were the best, that do not pretend to be meat with great flavour and texture. The intent was to offer a range of Vegetarian Haute Dogs
While we have recently been aware of the vegan approved status of this sausage we are yet to develop a Vegan Haute dog. Initially something that not considered given the volume meat product on our menu.
At present the only item that is certified Vegan approved is our vegetarian sausage while all other relative items are considered Vegan friendly.  I must admit that I do not know whether this fact is of importance to yourself and the Vegan population and would certainly welcome your feedback on this.
Current confirmed Vegan friendly menu items are below

Gluten Free Bread
Vegetarian Sausage – Apple, Potato, Sage and Ginger – ( Spicy Chipotle version arriving soon )
Baby Rocket
Semi Dried Tomatoes
Greek Salsa-Tomatoes, Olive Tapenade, Red onions
Fresh Tomato Salsa – Fresh tomatoes and seasoning
Heinz Tomato Ketchup
Beerenberg Tomato sauce
Fig Balsamic glaze
Gherkin Relish
Beetroot Relish

If you wish to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact me
Kind Regards

Grayson Forbes
Store / Operations Manager

After reading on Where's the Beef? that Snag Stand did vegan sausages, I was excited to see if they matched up to the LOTF Chicago Dog I tried a few weeks ago. I didn't get the chance to find out.

I asked for a veggie sausage to be done vegan, and after a quick discussion with her colleague, the lady taking the orders told me the sausages are vegan but the mushrooms and onions are cooked in butter. I wasn't offered any other options and frankly (pun intended), if the employees have so much trouble understanding what is vegan, I would be reluctant to sample anything. (Why even bother having vegan dogs if you can't actually cater for vegans??)


In the end, my meat-eating companion told me his dog wasn't worth $10 and he preferred the Lord of the Fries option. I popped a note in their feedback box and we decided the next time we're in the mood for some hot dogs, we will visit LOTF or try the new Massive Wieners in Prahran.

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  1. I must try the lotf hotdogs - was so disappointed at the bacon in the sauerkraut when I tried to try something different than the "vegetarian" hot dog - so I agree that they are not terribly veg friendly

  2. thanks for this! I went there today to be told they don't cater to vegans which I was surprised at.... and now reading this they do... so I'm confused... because you can build your own hot dog there you dont have to take it straight off the menu.. blah

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