Sunday, 22 January 2012


Last weekend the bf and I ventured out of the house for breakfast. We tried Mixed Business but they were still closed for the holidays. The next closest cafe being Mitte, we headed there. I was hoping to find some avocado on toast and, lucky for me, they had some on the menu! (I believe the only other vegan option on the menu besides toast is fruit salad sans yoghurt.) We ordered some coffees and waited for our meals to arrive. It took ages, as the place was so busy people were waiting around 15 minutes to get a table. There's not room for much more than two waitstaff, and I can't imagine their kitchen being very large, so I wasn't really bothered by the wait.


When the food finally came, my dish was a perfectly acceptable half an avocado sprinkled with flake salt and ground pepper, with a small bowl of dijon mustard, two wedges of lemon and three slices of various organic sourdough breads. The breads were lovely and my tummy was filled by the time I was finished eating, but for $10, I would prefer to spend slightly more and get the yummy beans at Mixed Business - it's just a more interesting brekkie for the price.

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