Sunday, 16 October 2011

Big Banana Soy Latte

About six or seven years ago, while stopping in Coffs Harbour on a holiday, I had the pleasure of trying a banana soy latte from the gift shop at the Big Banana. The Big Banana is a wonderfully ridiculous tourist attraction and the only place I have ever seen a banana soy latte on the menu!

And with the still-recent flooding in Queensland - where most of Australia's bananas are grown - banana prices are only just starting to drop to an affordable level. I remember a few months ago seeing them for around $18 a kilo at a supermarket. Though the cost is getting better every month, bananas are still a bit of a status symbol, so for this weekend's Vegan Mofo Iron Chef challenge, I used banana extract and my awesome found-by-the-side-of-the-road Italian espresso machine to make a banana soy latte!

My machine hard at work:


For the banana flavour, you can either add a drop or two of banana extract to the milk before steaming or you can get a bottle of that super-sweet syrup that cafes use and use a tiny bit of that in the espresso!

And, yum! Just like Coffs Harbour used to make:


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