Saturday, 29 October 2011

Veg McMuffin and Boathouse

I am slowly making my way through my Yves and Tofurky stash that I brought back from the US with me (it lasts ages in the freezer!). These vegan deli slices are far, far superior than anything available in Australia, and were a fraction of the price. I know I should be supporting local manufacturers, but I don't really like any of their similar products.

One of my favourite ways to use the Yves Canadian bacon slices is making "egg" McMuffins. If only there was a better word to describe this sandwich! I used the vegan omelette recipe from Vegan Brunch and poured it into egg rings to make nice, round, fluffy "eggs".

IMG_2291  IMG_2292  IMG_2293

Because they are thicker than the omelettes, they do have to be cooked a bit longer so they are cooked through.

IMG_2294  IMG_2295

To make the sandwich, I toasted some English muffins, and then layered thusly: bottom of bun > mayo > egg > bacon > cheese > hot sauce > egg > dijon mustard > top of bun.


To work off some of the Vegan MoFo extravaganza of butter, mayo, cheese, egg and meat, after breakfast the bf and I took a walk along the river to the Studley Park boathouse on the Yarra to watch giant geese and sip soy lattes. What a beautiful day!





  1. Nice work - I like your condiment choices! That omelette recipe is really good, huh?

  2. Condiments can really make or break a sandwich, can't they? That omelette recipe is the best - I think "Vegan Brunch" has really improved my quality of life!