Thursday, 27 October 2011

Favourite Things: Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is one of my favourite foods. It is a simple idea, but vegan versions of the dish can sometimes be hard to get right. In the US this year, I probably tried about six different varieties of M&C at various restaurants. Some were great, some were okay - one was like soup...but all were quite different. (My favourite, by the way, was the M&C at the Veggie Grill - a chain in and around Los Angeles.)

So, on the way back to Australia, I felt it was my obligation to stock up on one of my favourite US grocery items - packets of Road's End Mac & Chreese mix. (Shout out to Food Fight Grocery - they're only $1 a pack there!) As long as it is non-dairy (and you don't bring enough that it looks like you're importing them for sale!) Australian Customs do not care if you bring in 20 packs. The same goes for any other vegan cheeses you bring in. (I froze my Teese, Sheese and Daiya up until I left for the airport and they were fine by the time I got back to Melbourne)


So, for a quick and yummy lunch, I boil some shell pasta (that box in the photo on the right is empty and I use it to figure out how much pasta to make) and follow the instructions on the packet to make the chreese - though I sub soy milk for water and add a bit of cayenne pepper, black lava salt and black pepper, some chunks of Teese and a bit of toasted breadcrumb. 


Served with tomatoes on the side, and I am one happy girl!

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