Friday, 21 October 2011

Linda Louise McCartney Pies

This week I picked up some Linda McCartney-brand pies from Piedimonte's (yes, her middle name was Louise!) Linda's frozen foods line started in 1991 but I think the products have only recently been made all-vegan because I remember, as a kid, my mother wouldn't buy them because they had egg or something in them. 

So this year, when I found them at a whole foods shop, I had a check of the ingredients and, well, I didn't even need to - the box is marked vegan in a few places! I bought a box then (a few months ago) and, despite following the instructions correctly (and having an oven thermometer!) they still turned out cold on the inside and a bit burnt on the outside. But when I spotted them again this week for only about $5 for a box of four, I thought I should give them another go. 

This time, they again turned out a little burnt on the outside (wtf! must remember to put on the very bottom of the oven) but nice and hot on the inside. The texture is quite meaty and they are very flavourful. Could use a bit of salt but then again, I think most things could use a bit more salt. I ate them with parboiled/roasted potatoes and sautéed brussels sprouts/onion/balsamic vinegar.

The best food in the world, brussels sprouts:



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