Friday, 28 October 2011

Ca$h Money Butter Chicken called because it is, ahem, super-rich. It's not often I buy this kind of meat substitute, but on the rare occasion that I do, why not go for it and make the kind of super-unhealthy dish that many meat eaters will find at the cheap takeaway Indian place!

From Min Phat supermarket:


Since I used a pre-packed spice paste, this was a pretty damned easy dish to make. I followed the instructions on the pack and as far as ingredients went - all I needed was the paste, Nuttelex, an onion, some cream and the chicken. I also used some fresh turmeric root I found at the Safeway on Victoria St., Richmond (they also have galangal root - cool!) for extra colour, and a bit of sour cream for garnish (coriander leaves would have been lovely as well).


This was my first time using the soyatoo and I wasn't too impressed. Despite all my shaking, the liquid and solids were still separated when I poured it out of the box - and it didn't blend too well into the rest of the sauce. Next time, I might just stick with sour cream.

IMG_2287  IMG_2289  IMG_2288

It was pretty good, all up, but so ridiculously rich that by the time I was finished, I felt a bit queasy. Might have to have just some plain fruit for breakfast tomorrow...


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